If you are unhappy in any way; lacking in energy, disappointed with your lot, you can’t quite put your finger on it but you are feeling low or unappreciated, then you’ve come to the right place. If you are desperate to get your groove back, reconnect with yourself, and feel better about life, you have just taken the first step towards getting out from your rut.

It might be that before you knew it, you went screeching from twenty all the way to facing fifty squarely in the eye, and you can’t quite work out how you got here or exactly who you are now. Do you need to find more focus at work, get the recognition you’ve been working for and truly deserve? Are you looking to re-ignite your passion for life, get clarity around a big decision, find a better way to handle relationships, rediscover true purpose, or even tackle feelings of disillusionment and despondency? Do you just feel you are not living your fullest and happiest life?

Perhaps you are contemplating ending a relationship but lack the nerve to make the break. Maybe you are going through a divorce and need strength to get through the process. You might be recently bereaved or perhaps you are afraid you’ll never find a decent partner.

We visit the dentist for a check up, take the car to the mechanic for an MOT and have our hair styled at a salon, but when it comes to getting our minds in order we feel we should do it alone or worse still, fall back on advice offered by our often extremely biased friends or relatives.

Most of us spend more time focusing on getting through the next week at work, what to make for dinner or where to go on our next holiday than we do thinking about whether we are fulfilling our life’s purpose, enjoying good health and are we valued in our personal relationships.

We hurtle through life, spinning the various plates of responsibilities, days turn to weeks, months and even years, and if we don’t get the guidance we need, we could easily burn out or even break down. There is a way to avoid this and to get a grip on where we are right in the here and now, evaluate what works and what needs to change, and make positive steps towards living a mindful and balanced life, ensuring a greater chance of healthy longevity, success and happiness.

Making life-changes are not easy and they don’t happen overnight, but with the right kind of encouragement, a strong desire to make improvements together with constant accountability, no one is beyond getting back on track and achieving the sort of life they they never thought possible.

Some might call that life coaching. I call it getting back on track with some Very Intensive Personal Development.

My unorthodox style of coaching helps you get clear on what you really want and reveal your powerful authentic self so that you can finally live the life you truly deserve; massively energised, high on life, and excited for the next chapter. I quite literally help you to #GetYourGrooveBack.

My clients tell me that I’m deeply intuitive; although I would never claim to by psychic, and I’m absolutely not “woo woo” but I do seem to have a sixth sense, and I use that to get you to where you want to be. Listening and watching, I will try to understand where you are at, and what tools we need to move you forward.

Effective coaching is all about accountability, commitment to change, and massive belief. As your coach, I will find the courage to tell you the things you simply refuse to tell yourself, and the compassion to gently guide you through the changes necessary to complete your transformation.

People have always asked me how I always seem to be positive and moving forward. They wanted to know my secret. But there isn’t one. There is simply a willingness to go within and to work out what is it that drives us, what’s holding us back, and how we can improve our lives, physically, romantically, environmentally, professionally and spiritually.

When we truly know who we are, we can speak from the heart with authenticity and great effectiveness, thus truly becoming empowered, fulfilled, and finally in control of our lives.

So how can you work with me?

Move Forward Now