“An excellent talk. You had the entire audience with you every step of the way. They were enthralled. The four mayors present all wanted to congratulate you.”
Heather Melville, Regional Sales Director, Corporate Division, The Royal Bank of Scotland

“Your talk at the Penzance Literary Festival was brilliant, inspiring and filled me personally with hope for better things to come. Much of your talk has stayed with me…”

“Tanya had given a speech which was not just inspirational (to all age groups) – it was sensational. There was a connection and engagement with the audience that is rare to find. She spoke from the heart, with sincerity (and without notes). Although we cannot change our past – Tanya can help visualising our future – and focus – to shape and change it. Any organisation that is looking for a sincere keynote speaker to engage, connect, inspire, motivate, change mindsets and share vision – needs to book Tanya.” Michael Moradian – Marketing and Print Advisor

“We really enjoyed having you speak to us. The feedback has all been really positive and the session really got people thinking.” Sarah McMurray, Senior Associate, DLA Piper UK LLP

“You are amazing. I love your story and I’m so grateful you lived to tell the tale. You are truly beautiful and your spirit is inspiring. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, you wonderful woman!” Alison Hairpin