109 Ways to Shine

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Tanya says, “I have been fortunate enough to work with some amazing people. Some have helped to shape and transform me, and in turn, others I have helped to overcome obstacles standing in the way of achieving their full potential. In the spirit of reciprocity, my powerful little book “109 Ways to Shine,” can do the same for you. It is is compressed, just like carbon into a diamond, and includes all of the good bits I’ve learnt over years in one tiny pocket-sized volume. People who achieve personal and professional success really do seem to shine brightly because they follow some or all of the principles in this book, and that is why I am so keen to share them with you.”

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This is a small soft back book containing 109 tips and tools to increase positivity.

4 reviews for 109 Ways to Shine

  1. Lee Clarke

    I was fortunate to get hold a copy from one of the first print runs and the book goes everywhere with me. It really does distil the very best success tips, whether success in one’s business or personal life, into its compact volume and I’ve taken to reading a few of these each morning to remind me to avoid some of the many pitfalls and time-wasters that could derail me. Written with Tanya’s needle-sharp precision, each tip goes to the very heart of the issue it confronts.

    • Tanya Mann Rennick

      Thank you for these kind words Lee. I am so glad that you are finding the book an ongoing tool – wondering what I’ll have to do to earn 5 stars! Tee hee x

  2. brandaspect

    Inspiring words and content from Tanya, well worth reading

    • Tanya Mann Rennick

      Thank you Andy – Much appreciated 😀

  3. Andy Fairweather

    really good read

    • Tanya Mann Rennick

      Thank you Andy – I am delighted that you enjoyed reading it.

  4. Peter Wright

    “This is a little gem of a book” was my first impression and I have referred to it often, such is the nature of the good counsel therein. Yet I recently read it from cover to cover in one sitting and – all at once – I became aware of the immense power it carries. Tanya has distilled the message of her STARR Principle into every word of every sentence and it is a powerful message too. The book is still a little gem, yet if you read it in depth then you may just realise that it is a gem set in pure gold. It is an essential and outstanding book!

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