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Mastermind mindset online group life and accountability coaching for reducing anxiety and increasing motivation


I know lots of people who have found me have considered working with me BUT haven’t yet got round to it.

“I am at a massive turning point in my life and I know it is my opportunity to create the self I want to be. Tanya gave me some fantastic steps to follow to start me on my way and filled me with positivity and confidence that I CAN do this and I WILL fall in love with my life again. Wholeheartedly recommend. Thank you Tanya x” (Laura T)

Most concerns can be very well addressed in a group situation. We all need support. We all need encouragement. We do this best when we are in a supportive group.

This is what it looks like
3 Month Programme
A weekly 90-minute GROUP video call via ZOOM (don’t worry – it’s easy to get you connected)  A follow-up private 45-minute call

Regular group messaging to keep everyone on track

I’ve been working on some really exciting ideas to frame each session – some great techniques to massively challenge your thoughts and ease you from your comfort zone into more exciting possibilities ahead.

“This lady has an extraordinary ability. I would guess that there’s not one person reading this who can say their life is perfect in every way, and that there is no area that could do with improvement.
Anyone who has a chance to benefit from Tanya’s perceptive coaching should do so while they can.” (Lee C)

Calls and coaching and support and life-changing transformational battery re-charging zingerising energising shinification? ALL ON-LINE?” YUP.

You can even do it in your PJs.


It’s a small group


I have to limit the group, so it’s first come, first served.

AND, I totally am here to serve.

“After going through a difficult time in my life I felt like I needed a life coach. When I found Tanya it was a god send, truly an amazing person! Tanya coaches with passion and purpose she encourages you to dig deep and as her client you are guaranteed top quality service. I can honestly say Tanya has made a huge difference in my life and I am very grateful for that.” Daniel M

“I consider myself to have been hugely fortunate to have met and worked with a coach who first inspired me then set to and worked with me and motivated my inner drive and impetus. She has enabled me to tread a pathway to managing the best I can possibly be, and drawn me back from some fairly precipitous brinks. She reunited me with some parts of me that had been washed away with the tide. She is no ordinary coach, she is #special.” Peter W

What kind of issues might we be dealing with?

Let’s talk
Partners, parents, kids, pets (just joking)
Inability to move on
Stuck in a rut
Health and wellness
Low self-esteem
Life Balance
Lack of Motivation
You name it, we can deal with it.

Not only that, if you jump in now, we can set up your bonus private call next week.
All you need to begin is a laptop, a phone and willingness to jump in with both feet.

“What I love about Tanya is her passion, and genuine love for her clients. And I am happy that she gave me the space to be one of her clients. Her coaching is ‘personalised’! She will not be trying to put you into a cookie cutter mould, the “one size fits all model”. This is so important as there is a big misunderstanding out there on the meaning of authenticity. Being authentic is about appreciating your own back story and your individuality. It has been a great experience participating in a weekly coaching session. She finds “Sophia”, and I am reminded of who I am now.
In the past couple of months of riding this wave called life, she’s kept me balanced. I feel more confident than ever that I can go out there and shine my Star.” Sophia H


  • You’ve run out of extra funds recently
  • Would love a life coach but cannot find enough money to pay for one to one work
  • The intensity of one to one sessions with a powerful mentor slightly freak you out

“I was out with our mutual friend on Friday and she and I shed a tear of gratitude for all you’ve done for us both. In fact, I know you’ve saved her life and I certainly feel you’ve transformed mine.” Wishes to remain anon

But remember, this is a limited offer in time and numbers, I’ve already booked a couple of people in, so you’ll need to book this straight away. As soon as I’ve received your first payment, your place is guaranteed. Starting April 5th 2018  at 6pm

“…I wish you could cut me open and see the light and warmth that’s been switched on in me and because of you. You have given so much Tanya. So so much. You are a gift. You really are. Love you…”

Simply use this link to book by clicking here 


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