THE DEEP DIVE DISCOVERY RETREAT 15th – 17th September 2017




DEEP DIVE DISCOVERY Weekend. Lots of personal development work, plenty of deep mind exploration, loads of relaxation, and a nice long hike to clear the cobwebs. If this sounds just like what you need, BOOK NOW.

A Weekend of Personal Development

What if you could experience some of the process of life coaching but within the comfort and safety of a group?

And wouldn’t it be great if you could feel healthy and rejuvenated during the experience?

Well the answer is here! A weekend on the Cornish Cliffs to Clear the Cobwebs and re-align your soul!

Leave the worries of your life at home and immerse yourself in clean fresh air, great food and take some gentle exercise while clearing your mind.

Get the benefit of group coaching without all the focus being directly on you: an opportunity to share and to listen as much as talk.

Limited Places.

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