This is perfect if you in the dark, and feel you could do with accountability, overwhelm, decision making and life changing transformation. It’s also the best starting point if you are considering ending a relationship, going through separation or divorce and need to find yourself again.
So why is it just not working for you?
Why is it that you are successful in business but your health or your relationships are a disaster?
Are you ready to take the most transformational journey of your life?

We need to get very clear on your story – what is it all about? Why do you sabotage your potential happiness? What do you want to achieve and why don’t you believe you are on the right path?

We will discover what habits are holding you back and learn how to re-programme your negative thought patterns. Everyone’s are totally unique, we need to create a bespoke blueprint, just for you.
The Ultimate New You Personal Development Programme takes three months to complete and includes one full V.I.P. day, one half V.I.P. day and nine accountability calls.

Coaching can have a massive impact on how you spend each and day and ultimately, how you live your life. I’m here to help because it is genuinely my passion. I will put you at ease because it’s really important we build up a trusting relationship. Consider a day all to yourself in Cornwall. You get a day or two away in the fresh air, and I get you back on track. Or we can do it in London. The Ultimate New You really is the Ultimate Intensive Personal Development Programme.

Isn’t it time to get your groove back?

Commit right now to change or if you need to talk it through, call +44 (0) 01326 340 848


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