Sometimes you can’t make it on your own…

sometimes-you-can't-make-it-on-your-ownI have been warbling my favourite U2 song endlessly this past week, like a favourite item of clothing that comes out of the wash and goes straight back on again. I love the tune, but it’s the lyrics that resonate: in truth, sometimes we really cannot make it on our own.

quote-of-the-dayAs a speaker, as an entrepreneur, as a human being, not to mention a mum, this is surely a statement of fact. We may stand-alone on the stage, or at the helm of a business, or believe we live independently by choice, but rarely, if ever, do we hear of anyone reaching the top of their game without the help and support of others, whether it is practical, virtual, or spiritual.

I’ve never heard anyone win an award and say, “I did it all on my own.” The best of us have support teams in place, dealing with the day-to-day minutiae of busy careers and family life. We have mentors to guide us, and coaches that challenge us to grow.

ronald-reagan-quoteHelp come in many ways. You can pay for it, be gifted it, or exchange it. So, what do you give? Conversely, we should not be reluctant to receive help if we are concerned about indebtedness. What goes around comes around, in the most unexpected of ways.

The myth of doing it all yourself is overrated. Accepting help doesn’t weaken your position as a decision maker or prevent you from being the architect of your life. If anything, accepting help allows you to get on with more of the creative stuff, and concentrating your skill set allows far greater results and a more advantageous outcome for everyone concerned.

gratitudeI have some amazing people in my life that I want to thank. However fiercely independent I like to think I am, without friends and family, I absolutely could not function. In some small way, but hopefully in a big one too, my aim is to make you all very proud and even if it takes the rest of my life, I shall endeavour to prove that what goes around, comes around.

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