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Enforced Modesty or Considered Choice?

Has #TimesUp Changed our Attitudes?

I thought Salma Hayek’s Gucci gown at the BAFTAs was stunning and elegant at the same time; my favourite of the night. I think the #TimesUp movement is changing the way women think about the way they dress, not just for this campaign, but perhaps forever. This isn’t about enforced modesty but instead about making more considered choices about how and to whom we reveal ourselves. This trend is far more sophisticated and alluring than some of the desperate styles we’ve seen on Red Carpets of recent years.

I think Hayek looks far more beguiling and therefore seductive because of what she conceals rather than reveals. It’s old style Hollywood Glamour brought right up to date. Her hint of cleavage is sexy; it’s actually very powerful. Think of Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Russell in those red dresses, oozing fabulosity. Yes, they are split high but there’s sheer fabric in the front holding the bodice together and probably a good bit of underpinning. It’s important to keep in mind, that these women represent a time where equality didn’t really exist for normal women and full independence would be a long way off. The hight of achievement was still getting a ring on your finger.


It suddenly struck me that it’s all been unequal for far too long but it’s not too late to change things.The male celebrities could attend the events in lycra or something transparent so I can size up their pecs and biceps. I’d like to see a nice bit of perfect skin on display, maybe a backless suit, or perhaps some frontal trouser splits so I can get a good look at their thighs. SEE HOW CRAZY THAT SOUNDS?

Any woman who strips down to display as much flesh as possible is kidding herself if she believes that’s empowerment.

I understand that the movement is about calling out the unacceptable behaviour of men. No woman is ever actually “asking for it” because of the way she dresses. It is every woman’s right to present herself as she wishes and it is also her right to be safe at all times. Inappropriate touching is absolutely unacceptable, always, full stop. It should be completely illegal whether you are wearing a full burkha or you are in your birthday suit.

I’m not being prim or a prude. I like sexy clothes, but appreciate the fine line between seductive and all out trashy. When I wrote about this on Facebook lots of women thanked me for stating the obvious as many of us are thinking it but don’t want to sound like we are frumpy.

The wearing of black will fade #SeeWhatIDidThere and the screens will come alive with colour once again. I just think something interesting about the way we dress may develop as a result of the campaign.

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