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An intensive 90-minute personal development strategy planning session. The more honest you can be, the better I can help you quickly. If you’ve never experienced life coaching or personal development before this short sharp session is a great way to get a taster.

Get some instantly workable strategies that really make the difference. Ever heard the expression; “Look after the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves?” It’s the same with the way you take care of yourself. Over time, small changes add up to a whole new you.

A Success Express one 2 one with me is a check in. Like a check up at the dentist or an MOT for your car, there may be nothing much wrong, or you may have a small concern or niggle you need to address before it gets worse. Usually, we can work it out in the time it takes to have a coffee or two; just ninety minutes.

You get to share an area of concern with someone who has probably been there and done that or knows someone else who has. Although all our problems are unique, you’d be amazed how vulnerable and sensitive we all are on the inside.

Q. Why use a coach?
A. It’s way better than telling someone close to you, because friends and family usually have a vested interest and invariably have a tilted angle on how they counsel you. It’s amazing. Most of us wouldn’t dream of getting our hair cut by anyone other than a professional stylist and yet we take advice on the very thing that keeps us awake at night from people entirely unqualified or worse, biased, because of their connection to you.

So you know that spending 90 minutes on yourself makes sense.

This offer is so unbelievably good value and powerful, I have limited it to a maximum of one session per person per year.

Check my availability via this link and jump back here to pre-pay and secure your session

2 reviews for SUCCESS EXPRESS

  1. Laura (verified owner)

    I instantly connected with Tanya during my Success Express call. I am at a massive turning point in my life and I know it is my opportunity to create the self I want to be. Tanya gave me some fantastic steps to follow to start me on my way and filled me with positivity and confidence that I CAN do this and I WILL fall in love with my life again. Wholeheartedly recommend. Thank you Tanya x

  2. michael sprott

    Just talking to tanya i feel a great bvibe from her! look very forward to working with here!

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