What Are You Waiting For?

Why are we always looking for perfection? Isn’t it hugely subjective anyway? My idea of perfect certainly isn’t the same as everybody else’s.

I’m a little preoccupied with getting my book finished, and have been spending quite a bit of time thinking about the concept of taking action, or getting on with it, or what I call, “Right-Now-Ness.” It seems to me, that one of the big reasons why people don’t get on with things is because they don’t feel their “thing” is good enough. They hide behind the excuse that they are just not ready, or they are waiting to make it “perfect.”

But isn’t perfection is simply a point of view? Think of a movie. The filmmaker may think he or she has created a perfect representation of a particular story but it is the individuals in the cinema audience who will form their own opinions, and they are based on their own experiences. Everyone will come away with a different viewpoint of what someone else considers to be perfection.

Let’s take the idea of a perfect home. To some it may be a handsome Georgian villa right in the centre of a busy town, or it may be in a characterful cottage in a charming village, or it may be a cabin in the Australian outback, without a neighbour in sight. You see? Although none of them is wrong, and each of them is lovely in its own way, we all have a different idea of what is perfect.

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